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A few weeks ago I had the chance to try a very unique restaurant with one of my best friends. We were looking for something adventurous and fun to do one night and found this great place.  Where did we end up you ask, Can Can Brasserie located in Cary Town! What a unique place for dinner.  It was truly an interesting place to try. I don’t think that I have ever gone to a French restaurant before, and this was a nice experience for my first time.

There were so many great looking options on the menu that we couldn’t just pick one. We decided to choose from a bunch of different appetizers and also try their mussels. We tried their chicken liver pate, salumi plate, and their white wine garlic moules frites (mussels). I have to say, the mussels where the best I have ever tried. They were so flavorful and filling. My mouth is watering just writing about them, and I would certainly go back just to have those again. The salumi plate had a variety of cheeses, meats and olives included, it was very interesting. There were a few that weren’t my favorite, but it was definitely fun to try something new.  Also, the chicken liver pate was really tasty. It was very rich and sweet, especially with the apricot compote that came along with it.  All of the food was very unique and flavorful. There are also tons of other entrees and great other options to choose from on their menu as well. I wish we could have gone back and tried more.

In addition to the food being really great, the staff was excellent as well. Our server did a great job explaining all of the different options and was very helpful in choosing what to have. She was very friendly and told us that if we didn’t like something, she would help us choose another option. She was also very knowledgeable about their wine and beer menu, which is great when you are trying to pair with so many unique items. Overall, I had a really nice experience and I definitely want to go back so that I can try more of their unique food.

Wrap up (out of 5):

Atmosphere: 5 (the interior is so cute and uniquely decorated to look like a french cafe)

Price: 3 (it is definitely not cheap, but the food was worth the price. It is a nicer restaurant to try on a special occasion.)

Service: 5 (very knowledgeable and friendly staff)

Food: 5 (unique, flavorful and filling)

Overall: 4.5 (great flavorful food, somewhat pricey, but wonderful staff and experience)


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