The Tin Angel

20150626_184246A few weeks ago, I went to Tin Angel to meet a friend for drinks, I saw the menu and decided that I definitely needed to go back and try the food. I give big kudos to the person that wrote their menu because for some reason, reading everything on there made me very hungry. I had the chance to go back this past week and test it out. Tin Angel is located in the West End, pretty close to the Vandy campus. I think it has a really charming atmosphere and I loved the old world look on the inside. It is definitely a nice, date night, restaurant.  I know parking is not always easy downtown, but they actually had valet (this was a Friday night) for those of you who are parallel parking impaired like I am.

To start, we ordered some drinks and appetizers. They have a really nice wine list and sometimes they do special wine flights so you can try different types that they are featuring. I had a glass of Pinot Noir, it was around $8.00 which I personally don’t think is too bad for the amount that they poured. I do think they were quite pricey for their half bottles (some where around $25), but I guess it all depends on what you like and how much you plan on drinking.  For an appetizer, I ordered the Caprese Salad and I asked them to add some pickled red onions, which they had no problem doing. (They are really tasty, if you think it sounds weird, give it a try sometime) Admittedly, it looked so good when I finally got it, that I forgot to take a picture before I started eating.

I would have to say that the only strange thing I noticed was our waitress, she was friendly, but didn’t really take the time to explain the menu or ask if we needed suggestions. She really just flew by, took our order and left. When it is my first time at a restaurant I enjoy when the staff is personable and takes some time to introduce themselves and have a little conversation. Usually, I will even ask what their favorite item on the menu is, but she did not really give us an opening to talk or ask any questions.20150626_193847

Let’s talk entree. The last time I was there I saw the Shrimp and Lobster Risotto on the menu and it sounded amazing so I had to try it. When it came to the table, it was not exactly what I was expecting. When I picture a risotto dish, I see it all mixed together with a lot a seasonings and flavors. This was much more separated, which you can see in the picture. I would say there were more tomatoes than anything else which made me feel that the dish was quite pricey for the portion. It was tasty and very filling, but mostly because of the risotto and less because of the fish. A quarter of the plate was loaded with fresh spinach. I couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be garnish for color on the plate or if it was supposed to be mixed in. I would have rather it been cooked into the dish rather than be on the side. I enjoyed the dish, but I probably wouldn’t order it again for the price verses the portion.

On to the best part of the meal, dessert! We both ate the chocolate and caramel indulgence. YUM! This is by far one of my favorite desserts. It has a chocolate cake in the center with salted caramel ice cream on top. That little chip thing on the side tastes like a churro to me.  You will have to go there to try it because it is hard to describe how good this dish is. I really enjoyed this warm and sweet dessert.

Wrap up (out of 5):

Atmosphere: 5 (really cute inside and a nice place to take someone on a date)

Price: 3 (pricey for the portions)

Service: 4 (friendly, but did not make a lasting impression)

Food: 4 (tasty and fresh)

Overall: 4 (really good atmosphere, but pricey for the food portions)


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your PurdueEats,


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Burgers and Bingo

Hi Everyone,

Long time no blog! I moved from Virginia and I have been living in Nashville, TN for the past six months. I have had the chance to try a lot of great restaurants, and I will be posting reviews on them throughout the next month, so be on the lookout for those! Here is my first review of a restaurant that I recently tried with one of my friends.

A few days ago I went out for dinner with one of my friends to a restaurant called 360 Burger. It is located in Antioch off Hickory Hollow Parkway.  The drive is not too far from downtown and  it was well worth it. On Tuesday nights they do bingo and trivia starting at 7:30PM. I honestly really enjoyed the games. Sometimes the entertainer went a little fast  in my opinion. It’s hard to eat chicken wings and play bingo at the same times (or at least it was hard for me).  Overall, the trivia and bingo were a ton of fun to play with a group. The atmosphere was a lot of fun and everyone participated. There were a few people awkwardly sitting around the restaurant who weren’t playing, so beware, if you don’t like to eat with a noisy crowd yelling “BINGO!” and running around with trivia answers, it might be smart to come before the games start or on a different night.

Okay, on to the food. We started with the regular traditional wings. I am always up for some great and tasty wings. These were really flavorful, messy, saucy and enjoyable. We shared the Smoky BBQ and the Honey Hot sauces. The Honey Hot sauce is actually the one that really impressed me. I don’t usually like spicy food, and from the rating scale on their menu, I though they would be too hot for me. Thanks to my friend who forced me to eat them, I realized that they weren’t too bad at all. If you enjoy some heat and a little kick in the back of the throat at the end, you will like these. They come in regular size and large. I would say that the regular size was a nice portion and more than enough to share for an appetizer. I actually wish that the restaurant had more appetizer options to go along with game night. Maybe some specials?

360 burger

I know what you are thinking, you went to a burger restaurant and didn’t eat a burger? Actually, I did! This place is known for their “certified grass-fed beef.” The have a whole description about their meat listed on their website if you are interested in reading more. I like places where you can order your burger a-la-carte and this is one of those places. I ordered a burger, medium rare, on a pretzel bun with a few toppings. I would have to say that the burger was okay. It was more medium that medium rare, and stacked so high that it was too hard to pick up. I liked it, but I would have to say that it was not my favorite burger in the world. I also ordered the sauteed spinach, cooked with olive oil and garlic. Now, I usually love spinach and especially garlic, I am a garlic girl all the way, which is why this option peaked my interest. I was really not a fan, I guess I had a different picture of what this would be. It was definitely under-cooked, a little too crunchy for my liking.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience with all of the games and the chicken wings. I would probably go back on a Tuesday night to play bingo and trivia again with friends.  I would suggest trying this place out if you have a free evening.

Wrap up (out of 5):

Atmosphere: 5 (fun games and nice people participating)

Price: 4 (great value for what you get, but $1 per extra burger topping is pricey)

Service: 3 (very friendly, but lacked attentiveness once the games started)

Food: 3 (enjoyed the wings, but not my favorite burgers)

Overall: 3.75 (really good atmosphere, nice staff, but not my favorite burgers)


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your PurdueEats,


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Dinner at Can Can

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A few weeks ago I had the chance to try a very unique restaurant with one of my best friends. We were looking for something adventurous and fun to do one night and found this great place.  Where did we end up you ask, Can Can Brasserie located in Cary Town! What a unique place for dinner.  It was truly an interesting place to try. I don’t think that I have ever gone to a French restaurant before, and this was a nice experience for my first time.

There were so many great looking options on the menu that we couldn’t just pick one. We decided to choose from a bunch of different appetizers and also try their mussels. We tried their chicken liver pate, salumi plate, and their white wine garlic moules frites (mussels). I have to say, the mussels where the best I have ever tried. They were so flavorful and filling. My mouth is watering just writing about them, and I would certainly go back just to have those again. The salumi plate had a variety of cheeses, meats and olives included, it was very interesting. There were a few that weren’t my favorite, but it was definitely fun to try something new.  Also, the chicken liver pate was really tasty. It was very rich and sweet, especially with the apricot compote that came along with it.  All of the food was very unique and flavorful. There are also tons of other entrees and great other options to choose from on their menu as well. I wish we could have gone back and tried more.

In addition to the food being really great, the staff was excellent as well. Our server did a great job explaining all of the different options and was very helpful in choosing what to have. She was very friendly and told us that if we didn’t like something, she would help us choose another option. She was also very knowledgeable about their wine and beer menu, which is great when you are trying to pair with so many unique items. Overall, I had a really nice experience and I definitely want to go back so that I can try more of their unique food.

Wrap up (out of 5):

Atmosphere: 5 (the interior is so cute and uniquely decorated to look like a french cafe)

Price: 3 (it is definitely not cheap, but the food was worth the price. It is a nicer restaurant to try on a special occasion.)

Service: 5 (very knowledgeable and friendly staff)

Food: 5 (unique, flavorful and filling)

Overall: 4.5 (great flavorful food, somewhat pricey, but wonderful staff and experience)


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your PurdueEats,


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Perfect Proper Pies

Hi Everyone, proper pie co

So here it is, my first review of a restaurant in Richmond. I have found the cutest and most unique little place to go and eat lately. I heard about this place from a few friends at work and decided that I had to try it out! The restaurant is called the Proper Pie Company and it is located in downtown Richmond on East Broad Street.

The first thing you will notice when you walk up is the line, usually out the door, because they are so popular! This always reassures me that I was making a good choice in trying a new place.  Also the other thing you will notice is the crazy amount of options on their menu (so hard to choose!). They have savory and sweet pies available so you can go and get whatever you are in the mood for, which for me usually means getting both.

The other great thing that I like is that they have vegan and vegetarian friendly options, which is always really nice to offer, and I know lots of my friends would appreciate that.  At this point, I have been there several times and have tried a few different types of savory and sweet pies.

I really enjoy the Chicken & Kumara (and yes, I did have to go back to their awesome Facebook page to find out how to spell that). The great thing about this page is that they post all of their different menu items each day, and when they run out, they are out, so you better get there quick!

chicken pie

I am also a sucker for a good piece of sweet pie, and my favorite is pecan. They have the best pecan pie I have ever had. I can’t even get myself to order a different flavor because I feel like I’m cheating on my pie! They do have tons of other flavors with a variety of fruit and chocolate pies.

Last but not least is their staff. Super friendly every time I am there. I usually sit at the counter and just watch all of the action. They are constantly baking and making more pies all day long.  I find it just to be a really unique place. They use cool ingredients from all over the world and it gives you a chance to try a lot of new things. I would definitely recommend trying this place out. I know I will be back again!

Wrap up (out of 5):

Atmosphere: 4 (cute little place, very unique, a little small for big groups to dine

pecan pie


Price: 5 (great value for what you get, super reasonable and delicious)

Service: 5 (really friendly and nice, always had a great experience)

Food: 5 (unique and fun)

Overall: 4.75 (really good food, great staff and atmosphere)

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your PurdueEats,


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New Reviews Coming Soon

Hi Everyone,

I know that it has been a super long time since I have posted any reviews. I graduated from Purdue almost a year ago and moved to Virginia for a new job. I was not quite sure if I wanted to keep reviewing restaurants while I was here so I took a little break. Now that I have been here for almost a year, I have definitely decided that I will start reviewing local restaurants again. The reviews will be of places in the Richmond and surrounding areas since I’m living here now. If you ever want to do a guest post about new restaurants at Purdue I am always up for posting those as well.  I am definitely missing some of my favorite restaurants from campus, but I am finding a lot of great new places here too!

Be on the look out for new restaurant reviews coming soon!



The Sagamore Restaurant

Hi Everyone,

Here is a guest post reviewing the Sagamore Restaurant in the Purdue Memorial Union, written by my friend Erin Meyer, who writes the blog Big Fat Baker.



I recently had the pleasure of attending lunch at the Sagamore with some ladies from the Union’s marketing department here at Purdue.

The Sagamore recently underwent a renovation. The result is a beautiful, bright room featuring enticing pictures of the upscale menu items.

As soon as we arrived we were seated, even though almost every table was filled. Our waiter, Steve, greeted us, filled our water glasses, and brought the most delicious biscuits in the world.

I took my time enjoying the warm orange marmalade biscuits and salad bar selection while reading over the menu.

Executive Chef Bruce Haumesser has created a unique menu that is still approachable. I am confident even the pickiest of eaters will find something they love.

I decided on the Beef Tenderloin Tornadoes. The dish consists of sautéed tenderloin medallions topped with gorgonzola demiglace and cripsy onions. It is savory and delicious. Perfect for a cold winter day.

Next time I visit the Sagamore I want to try the Lump Crab Meat, Avocado and Tomato Stack with smoked tomato dressing or the Strawberry Shrimp Tempura (or both!)

Chef Haumesser was also nice enough to bring out some of the spicy fried pickles. They were amazing! Hot, crispy, crunchy and they definitely had a burn. Pickle lovers will come back for this treat.

The Sagamore is a place you can take your parents for a nice lunch on campus, or a recruiter for a profession lunch environment.

Overall, I was impressed with the quality of food and speed of service, despite the rush.

The Sagamore at a glance:

Located on the second floor of the Purdue Memorial Union. Click here to see a map.

A la carte breakfast is served Monday through Friday, 6:30 – 10 AM. And on Saturday or Sunday you can enjoy the a la carte breakfast from 6:30 – 11 AM.

A la carte, action station and table service lunch hours are Monday through Friday, 11 AM to 1:30 PM.

Are you going to be in the West Lafayette area soon? Click here to make your reservation today!

Erin is a baker, blogger, and college student looking to share everyday indulgences with you!

Find me at BigFatBaker.comon Facebook – or follow me on Twitter!

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The Chili Place!

A few days ago I had the chance to try the new chili restaurant on campus. It’s called The School House of Chili, and its located near Chauncey. If you have ever been to the Noodles and Company, it is located in that same building. I have to say I am really in love with this restaurant concept. I have already been back there twice in the past week with my friends. I think my favorite part is that they will let you try all of their chili flavors before you pick which you want to eat. To me, this is fabulous because you know that you will like your meal rather than spending money and not being sure how you will feel about what you have picked.

The service is pretty good, for a new restaurant, they have their process pretty down pat. All of their employees are very friendly, and they always come out to the table to check and make sure that you have enjoyed your food. The food is also really good. I found it to be very filling and enjoyable. They have a three step process for their chili bowls. The first is to pick a bottom, which consist of a lot of different choices. You can pick from mac n’ cheese, rice, noodles, corn bread, and a few other things as well. Then you pick your chili. They have a lot of different styles of chili, with chicken, beef, pork and they also have vegetarian styles of chili as well. I really enjoy that you can mix and match all the different types. The third step is to pick what you want to put on top, between sour cream, cheese, onions, and a ton of different hot peppers.  The last time I was there I had the mac n’ cheese bottom with the Tailgate style chili and sour cream and onions on top. It is really flavorful, and more than worth the price. I don’t find them to be expensive at all. You get to pick a side with your chili bowl as well, which just adds to the fact that it’s a good value. They also have other options, like bread bowls with chili, hot dogs with chili and a few sandwich types as well.

Overall, I really have enjoyed my experience there. I like being able to customize my entire meal and make it the way I like it. I would suggest trying this place if you have yet to go. The staff is friendly and the food is delicious.  Bring your friends because it’s a fun experience to have with a whole group of people. They have big tables to accommodate large groups, so it is worth bringing a bunch of people along with you for sure!

Wrap up (out of 5):

Atmosphere: 5 (lots of room for big groups, and lots of fun)

Price: 4 (great value for what you get)

Service: 5 (very friendly and they can really make a good bowl of chili)

Food: 5 (filling and very flavorful)

Overall: 4.75 (really good food, and a great service staff)

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your PurdueEats,


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